Are All Men Pedophiles (2012)
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Are All Men Pedophiles 2012

Are All Men Pedophiles: For the first time a documentary examines the global impact of pedophilia from a cultural and professional perspective. We live in a society that condemns pedophiles, though biological instinct and world cultures throughout history suggest that an attraction to adolescents is as natural as it is unavoidable. The fashion industry on the one hand sexualizes ever-younger girls while those who act on these instincts are reviled. The apparent hypocrisy at the heart of society forces the question: What do we mean when we talk about Pedophilia? The film explores the many dangers children face and exposes the systematic violation of children rights by societies, presenting the testimony of both victims and perpetrators. It also looks at how the pedophilia hysteria that has led to the mass incarceration adults and children. In conclusion, we are faced with both the contradiction of a society which sexualizes youth and the question: Are All Men Pedophiles?

Solar rating:6 /10

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