The Diary of Anne Frank (1995)
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The Diary of Anne Frank 1995

The Diary of Anne Frank : This is the true story of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam during WW2. Annes father realizes on time the danger the Jews face and hides his family (his wife Edith and his two daughters Margo (16) and Anne (13), along with four more people, in the house behind. For two years the 8 people live in darkness and whispers, in fear of being discovered and sent to the German crematories. During that time young Anne writes a diary, describing her daily life in the cellar, her complicated relationship with her mother and the story of her first love - Peter, the young boy in the hiding place. Anne writes down her wishes to run out free and breath the air and flowers, her dreams to be free at last. But humanity is often a cruel mistress...

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